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To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.                                SunTzu, "The Art of War"                                                                     
Blessed are the peace makers: for they shall be called the children of God.                                                    Matthew 5 - 9

Re-discover body's innate intelligence.

What is FightNOT

fight (v.)
From c. 1200 as "offer resistance, struggle;" also "to quarrel, wrangle, create a disturbance." From late 14c. as "be in conflict."

We could call it a state of mind or state of being, however these words are meaningless when being punched in the face.

Our nervous system responds to everything. In a working
nervous system, there are only two forces -excitation and inhibition. Every. Re-action. Depends. On. It.
In the old ways of fighting wars people needed different skill to
stay alive as long as possible. Now the warfare has changed - it is distant and is fought over one's mind. Deception.
How do you fight the "enemy" you are not aware it even exists?
Are you not conditioned to go through life fighting and worse yet, wanting to fight? I certainly am. Remember Don Quixote?

FightNOT seeks that supreme excellence described above  - breaking enemy's resistance without fight. Perhaps it is a skill one can learn. But, perhaps, we live that way; perhaps the body is designed that way. However, to recognize that, it requires patience, somewhat unconventional training methods and trusting body's innate intelligence.
Should we not deal with our own proverbial 'demons' first as oppose trying to correct others'? So, who is the enemy?
Paraphrasing Neo - I fight because I choose to.
He changed his mind though, at the end. And achieved peace.
That is why the good book reads - blessed are the peacemakers.


The four primordial forces, four elements, four corners, four seasons, etc. Manifestations of these elements one can observe everywhere. Videos below attempt to illustrate some of the elements' as they are expressed during the practice.

  • Air - INSPIRATION. Moves all things. Life force that governs all forms of movement. It regulates bodily functions and builds cells. Associated with communication, change, and transformation.

  • Water - JOY. Force that flows and heals, but also can crush; adaptable, nourishing, and healing. It keeps the joints lubricated and mobile.

  • Earth - HUMILITY. Grounding, nurturing, and stabilizing. Giving structure and form to the human body. When this energy is in balance, we feel strong and full of vitality.

  • Fire - PURPOSE. Source of heat and power. It gives energy and vitality. Activates the sex drive. Boosts creativity, increases feelings of confidence, enthusiasm, and courage.

Man combined the above four elements to make

  • Metal - REVERENCE. Metal cuts through life; separating the unnecessary, spent and impure. Its edge is brutally sharp and cuts through life’s clutter and paralyzes with fear.


Nervous system


- body alignment correction;
- healthy posture;
- boost of confidence;

- strengthening of tendons & ligaments;
- increased joint mobility;
- efficient sensitivity and perception;
- endurance through breathing;

- understanding of natural mechanics;
- pressure points and vulnerable areas;
- utilizing the given;
- recognition of limiting tension;
- limiting limitations;

- more adequate responses;

- understanding detriments of tension;
- overall sense of relaxation and joy;



Since early days I was intrigued with what is commonly referred as "martial arts" and how does it relate to what we call development of individual - becoming the in-divisible? Whole?
It has been quite some journey of 30+ years of fighting, being beaten up, ignorance, discoveries, frustration and everything in between. So...
What have I learned? Apart from that fighting is a detriment?

If you believe that you are not controlled or guided by someone else, that just means you are in the hands of the professional. Controlling the opponent without him noticing - becoming a pro - is the work in progress throughout the lifetime. And still the question persists - why? Why do we seek power? Is this because someone somewhere made us feel weak?
Come, explore and find where the fighting takes root - the weakness. Once your perceptions sharpen - invisible becomes obvious and life more enjoyable.

And then there might be the wisdom to apply the right leverage in the right place at the right time.

                                                                                                                                                                               Yours truly, Val

"Until you've found your truth - keep looking."
Somebody online.

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